Tips For Selling Success

What can you do to help your items sell better?

Tell people! More shoppers means more chances for your items to sell!

  • Are you on Facebook? Like & recommend us! Just dropped off a fabulous bunch from your diva collection? Or some adorable items for the kids? Post about it on your page. Then post about it on our page.
  • Post a review online. Customers use sites like Yelp, Google, Foursquare, and others to find us & they love to see happy reviews!
  • Keep a few of our cards handy to give to your hair stylist, your doctor, the lady behind you in the checkout lane, or anybody you meet. Just ask! We’re happy to give you some business cards.
  • Office, school, church, or other bulletin board? Ask us for a flier to put up!
  • Have another idea to spread the word? Let us know if we can help. We love new ideas!
  • We advertise on the radio, TV, grocery receipts, & local mailers but our best advertising source is word of mouth so let people know where to go!

Ask yourself, “Would I buy this?”

  • Make sure your items are clean & wrinkle-free. All items should be freshly washed before you bring them in. If they are neatly folded in a bag, they won’t be wrinkled when you drop them off and we’ll hang them up pretty quick to keep them that way.
  • Really look closely at the condition. Any holes? Missing buttons? Is it faded or pilled? Stained? Test any zippers or fasteners and hold them up in bright light to check for stains. Look for pilling on sweaters and knits. Shoppers look for these things when deciding what to buy. They’re looking for great condition at a reasonable price so damaged items just won’t sell.
  • Is it in style? Is it what women are wearing now? Is it a classic that never goes out of style? Everybody has their own unique style but if that dress has been hanging in your closet since Dynasty was on the air then it might be a bit dated. Plus, sizing has changed drastically over the years. What used to be a size 14 isn’t anymore so please make sure the items you’re bringing have been purchased within the last 3 years. Even if they are a classic style, the sizing could be way off if they’re older.
  • Are the tags cut out? We know they’re scratchy but shoppers don’t like to see tags cut out. Besides the size, tags often have care instructions & other important information on them. Nobody wants to guess whether an item should be dry cleaned or not.
  • Are they in season? Would you look for Halloween tops in January? Wool sweaters in June? Shoppers want to wear their fabulous finds right away not 6 months from now.

What items sell best?

  • We specialize in plus-size women’s clothing and accessories only. Clothing must be size 14, XL, or larger. We carry all brands and styles of professional wear, casual & active wear, formal wear, lingerie, maternity, uniforms, swimwear, sleepwear, outdoor wear, shoes, purses, wallets, costume jewelry and accessories.
  • Items that sell best at Perfectly Plus are current styles or classic looks from the last 3 years that are in great condition.
  • Some of our most popular brands include Lane Bryant, Venezia, Old Navy, Cacique, Catherine’s, Roaman’s, Gap, Skechers, Quacker Factory, Coach, Maurices, Guess, Born, Columbia, Nike, Steve Madden, Evan Piccone, Sag Harbor, St. Johns Bay, Avenue, Lee, Levis, Liz Claiborne, CJ Banks, Alfred Dunner, Eddie Bauer, Tommy Hilfiger and many many more.
  • We are unable to accept items that are torn, stained, have frayed cuffs, have the tags cut out, have pet hair, or are out of season or style. Please do not take it personally if we are unable to accept your items for any of these reasons.
  • We want to provide the best value for all of our customers and these items just won’t sell. Please use your best judgement. If it is not something that you would buy, then it probably won’t do well here either.
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